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Thetford Porta Potti 365

Thetford Porta Potti 365
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If you are looking for a comfortable, practical and durable portable toilet that doesn’t require a connection to a drainage or water system, Thetford has the perfect solution for you: the Porta Potti.

  • Developed by the inventor of the portable toilet
  • Lightweight, high-quality, durable plastic
  • Choice of flushing system
  • Easy and convenient emptying
Capacity of flush-water tank15 L
Capacity of waste-holding tank21 L
Dimensions (hxwxd)414 x 383 x 427 mm
Flushing systemPiston pump
Level indicator display for the flush-water tankNo
Level indicator display for the waste-holding tankYes
Seating height408 mm
Toilet Type Portable Toilet
Height (cm) 41.4
Width (cm) 38.3
Depth (cm) 42.7
Flush Tank Volume (L) 15
Waste Tank Volume (L) 21
Flush Type Piston Pump
Weight 4.00 kgs
Grove Code QQ056973