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Stronghold 8"-10" Wheelclamp

Stronghold 8"-10" Wheelclamp
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Highly adjustable, insurance approved wheel clamp for trailers and trailer tents with tyre diameter upto 550mm and tyre width upto 175mm. Suitable for most Conway, Raclet, Sunncamp and Trigano trailers with tight wheel arch clearance.

When you first get the Stronghold Wheelclamp you assemble it to fit your specific wheel. This allows it to fit tyre widths ranging from 90mm to 175mm and tyre outer diameter from 383mm to 550m securely. Once assembled for the first time the clamp is set for your wheel so does not need to be taken apart for each use. If you change trailer in future you can dis-assemble the clamp and rebuild it to suit your new trailer.

Because it is adjusted to fit closely to your wheel this wheel clamp can fit to tyres with close fitting wheel arches. You need just 12mm clearance between the tyre and wheel arch on all sides. Make sure to test this with the trailer loaded as the suspension can compress when the trailer is loaded reducing the clearance.

This wheel clamp covers all wheel nuts prevent theft of wheels or theft of the trailer by wheel removal. Made from robust steel with pick free lock barrel, this clamp achieves Stronghold Diamond 5 security rating and is insurance approved.

Fits Wheel Alloy
Fits Wheel Rim Diameter 10 Inch
11 Inch
12 Inch
Tyre Width Range 383mm to 550mm
Bolt to Tyre Edge Max N/A
Insurance Approved? Yes
Security Rating
Weight 9.50 kgs
Manufacturers Part Number SH5433