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Solbio Organic Toielt Fluid - 1.6L

Solbio Organic Toielt Fluid - 1.6L
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Solbio Original is the worldwide number 1 natural toilet fluid for mobile toilets. A unique 4 in 1 formula suitable for waste-holding tank, flush-water tank, waste-water tank and a very effective self-cleaning toilet fluid.

1.6L bottle provides 40 doses. Made from 100% natural ingredients this toilet fluid is suitable for all toilet systems and is suitable for disposal in septic tanks and organic reed beds so you can be sure it will be accepted on all campsites.

A multi-purpose product, like a standard chemical toilet fluid, Solbio can be added to the cassette to break down toilet paper, waste, and prevent smells. It can also be added to your wastewater tank to prevent the build-up of algae or deposits.

  • Organic, very powerful and completely natural;
  • Extremely prudent in use, up to 40 doses;
  • Prevents all sorts of unpleasant odours;
  • Biodegrades waste and toilet paper so the tank can be emptied very easily;
  • Keeps your toilet and tank clean and fresh;
  • Has a self-cleaning and sanitizing effect on your toilet and its components;
  • Does not contain any chemical products or synthetic substances;
  • Change preferably every 3 or 4 days.
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