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Camp-let Quick Erect

From the very first stage Camp-lets were designed to be user friendly with a focus on speed of set up and ease of use. Every aspect of the Camp-let has been considered and developed over 40 years to ensure it is as simple and effortless as possible. This can be seen even before you begin to erect the tent.

What Makes Camp-let so Easy?

Lightweight Trailer
The fibreglass trailer is compact, lightweight and well balanced, making it a doddle for anyone to unhitch and manoeuvre onto the pitch at the campsite. At home these same qualities make the Camp-let easy to manoeuvre on the drive or in and out of a garage and means it's easy for a novice to tow.

No heavy lifting
The kitchen is permanently fitted and simply swings out from the rear of the trailer with no lifting or levelling required. Models from 2007 onwards have gas assisted opening meaning the trailer lid also requires little effort and can be opened by one person. From 2017 the Camp-let are now equipped with a heavy duty spring assisted system which makes it lighter again.

Single stage pram hood opening
Once opened you'll see the awning canvas and the majority of the framework are pre-attached to the trailer and can be opened in a single pram hood action by one able person. No assembling of framework or attaching canvas is required. A lot of time is also saved because there is no pegging around the cabin. The canvas is instead attached to the trailer with awning channel. The Premium and Passion have additional framework. Passion model model requires 2 to erect and fold away.

All up in one
The Camp-let design is an all-in-one opening system. The pole work, canvas, inner tents, curtains and pelmet erect simultaneously saving you set up time. Once opened you'll find your personal gear is within the trailer saving time unloading the car.

How Long Does Camp-let Take

Once the trailer is in position on the pitch, the Camp-let can be erected in less than 2 minutes. Depending on weather conditions the pitching time including pegging, is 8 - 15 minutes.

Don't believe us? Watch the video


If it takes them 20 seconds, even if you take nearly 10 times as long, that's still less than 3 minutes to set up prior to pegging out.

Old and new models with an apex roof (Royal, Adventure & Premium) add 2-3 minutes to insert polework on small peak canopy.

Who Can Pitch a Camp-let?

From 2007 onwards the Camp-let lid has been fitted with a gas assist strut meaning, in most cases, the Camp-let can be pitched by one person, male or female. The lightweight trailer and easy opening design make the Camp-let ideal for older couples who perhaps can't handle other trailers.

Single person pitching means, for younger families where one parent is looking after the kids while the other pitches the trailer, the Camp-let is ideal. It also means if one person is disabled the Camp-let is still possible.

To be sure the Camp-let would suit you we welcome and encourage our customers to try it for themselves. We always have a demonstrator to try at our Camping Shop in Manchester as well as at road-shows including NEC in Birmingham.

If you're buying second hand, pre-2006 models do not come with gas assisted opening and it cannot be retrofitted. In most cases this is not a problem but, to be sure, if you buy from Camperlands you will be able to try the model before you buy.

Find Out More

To find out more about the Camp-let visit our other pages to see which Camp-let model is for you or return to the Camp-let main page to learn more about this trailer tent.

Alternatively, come and see the Camp-let in the flesh. It is on permanent display at our site in Manchester and can be seen at roadshow events and at the NEC twice each year.

The Camp-let does what is says on the tin, meaning customers just don't want to part with them. If you do want a second hand Camp-let please enter your details using the form below to be notified when one becomes available.

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