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19mm Corner Steady Universal Joint Adaptor

19mm Corner Steady Universal Joint Adaptor

only £5.99
Inc. VAT
Kojack Twin Axle Hydraulic Jack and Levelling Aid

Kojak Twin Axle Hydraulic Jack and Levelling Aid

only £109.99
Inc. VAT
Purpleline KoJack Jack & Levelling System - Single Axle

Kojack makes caravan wheel changes quick & easy – a caravanners ‘must have’. The kojack has revolutionised how people jack a caravan and now this range will do the same for levelling. We like to think that with our kojack levelling range: “wherever you park your motor home or caravan you can always have the perfect pitch”.

only £89.99
Inc. VAT
Purpleline Nemesis Wheelclamp

Ultra versatile wheel clamp fits both alloy and steel wheels of most sizes. The Fullstop Nemesis is a 2 part clamp that secures the wheel and covers all wheel nuts to prevent wheel removal.

Fits to wheels from 10 to 20 inch and tyre widths from 145 to 255mm.

only £149.99
save 2%
Inc. VAT
Purpleline Saracen Gullwing - Thatcham Tested Hitch

Saracen Gullwing - Thatcham Tested Hitch Lock has been developed to be quick fitting, convenient and a highly secure anti-theft device.

only £99.98
Inc. VAT
Purpleline Saracen Hitch Lock

Insurance approved caravan hitchlock with Sold Secure Gold rating. The Fullstop Saracen hitchlock fits when unhitched and hitched to prevent caravan from being taken from service stations.

only £59.99
save 27%
Inc. VAT
Purpleline Torpedo Corner Steady Lock

Caravan corner steady lock which secures your corner steadies in the down position so that your caravan can't be taken from the campsite.

only £23.75
Inc. VAT
Purpleline Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp

Slim line design Caravan Wheel Clamp suitable for all allloy wheels from 13 inch. Nemesis Ultra is Thatcham assured and will secure your caravan or motorhome.

Compact design means Nemesis Ultra can be fitted to twin axle caravans and those with caravan movers without interference.

only £129.98
Inc. VAT