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Copper Gas Pipe - 1/4

Malleable copper pipe for caravan and motorhome LPG systems in conjunction with compression fittings.

Product is supplied by the meter. Please enter length required in Qty box.

only £4.00
Inc. VAT
28.5mm sealing sleeve

28.5mm hose sleeve

only £1.49
Inc. VAT
Figure 8 Drive Away Awning Connector - 3 x 80cm

2.5m of plastic figure 8 strip for connecting drive-away awnings to awning J-rail or gutter rail on camper vans and motorhomes.

only £10.00
Inc. VAT
Caravan Waste Outlet Hose Socket 28mm

Waste Outlet socket and housing for caravan and motorhome for grey waste water system. Connects to 28mm rigid waste pipe system inside caravan and provides outlet to fit to 28.5mm convolute flexible waste hose.

only £4.49
Inc. VAT
3/8 Inch Fresh Water Hose - Clear

Replacement 3/8 inch (10mm) clear water pipe for caravan water systems.

only £0.76
Inc. VAT
C-Line Circular Back Box

Circular Back Box for C-Line modular socket system. For recessed fitting in the caravan wall or bulkhead of the range of C-Line sockets, switches and outlets.

only £1.90
Inc. VAT
C-Line 13 Amp Socket

13 Amp domestic style socket for C-line modular socket system.

only £4.19
Inc. VAT
Anchor Pegging Rubber

Elastic pegging rubber for awnings and canvas tents with anchor to hook through pegging loop. Sold individually

only £0.25
Inc. VAT
Heavy Duty Pegging Rubber

Heavy duty replacement pegging rubber for tents, trailer tents and awnings. Sold individually.

From £0.26
Inc. VAT