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Universal Mains Water Adaptor Kit

Our easy to fit universal mains water adaptor kit simply screws into the side of your water container and all you need to do is connect the hose provided to the adaptor and connect the other side of your hose to the water tap and its ready.

only £27.98
Inc. VAT
48mm Jumbo Plastic Jockey Wheel Assembly

Complete adjustable height wind-up jockey wheel assembly with jumbol wheel, rubber tyre and 48mm diameter stem. Suitable for larger trailers and caravans.

only £29.99
Inc. VAT
Venus wheelclamp

A cheap basic trailer wheel clamp, NOT insurance approved, but ideal for older trailers and trailer tents

only £31.99
Inc. VAT
Caravan Motorhome Triple Three Way Gas Manifold Valve With Taps 8mm

3 way gas manifold, for isolating gas products not in use, suitable for 8mm copper pipe work used in leisure vehicles

only £44.99
Inc. VAT
Caravan Mains Electric Connection Lead - 25m

25m long Caravan mains connection cable with round 3 pin plug and socket for connecting caravan to mains supply on the campsite.

only £46.99
Inc. VAT
Pneumatic Plastic Jockey Wheel Assembly - 48mm

Large diameter 10 inch pneumatic jockey wheel for larger trailers and caravans with a plastic centre and 48mm stem.

only £49.99
Inc. VAT
Thetford Toilet Pump SC2 Pump 16374

Thetford toilet pump sc2 pump 16374

only £49.99
Inc. VAT