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Outwell Jewel Lantern

Outwell Jewel Lantern
Outwell Jewel Lantern Outwell Jewel Lantern - Press to turn on Outwell Jewel Lantern - 3x AAA batteries Outwell Jewel Lantern - Illuminated Outwell Jewel Lantern - Magnetic Outwell Jewel Lantern - Handle
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The Outwell Jewel is a small, stylish and easy to use magnetic portable lantern. The Jewel is the definition of simplicity, with the use of one finger simply press on the lens of the lantern and it slides open and illuminates immediately.

The Jewel is a magnetic lantern which can be stuck to any metal surface so you can attach it to the side of your campervan, motorhome or caravan. However it also has a single handle so you can hang it from your tent poles or thread a string through and hang it.

It has a clean and simple stylish design making it pleasing on the eye and it also has a soft-to-touch rubber coating with makes handling the Jewel pleasant and provides you with some extra grip.

The Outwell Jewel runs off of 3x AAA batteries which are not included and the run time will be dependent on what quality of batteries are placed in the lantern.


  • Small, easy to use magnet lantern.
  • Can be used hanging, standing or by magnet.
  • Magnet can be used for e.g. motorhomes.
  • Clean, simple design.
  • Soft touch/rubber coating.
  • Easy handling – on/off mode.
Light Type Portable lantern
Recommended Use Awning & Trailer Tent
Tent & Campsite
Power Type Battery
Power Source 3 x AAA Batteries (not included)
Rechargeable No
Bulb Type
Runtime Dependent on battery quality
Dimensions (cm) Ø6.7 x (H)6.3cm
Brightness 143 Lumens
Weight 0.12 kgs
Global Trade Item Number 5709388118912
Manufacturers Part Number 651069