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Numax XDT30MF Tubular Plate Leisure Battery - 115 Ahour

Numax XDT30MF Tubular Plate Leisure Battery - 115 Ahour
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An extra deep cycle leisure battery designed to give maximum performance for frequent use with minimal electrical hookup. Tubular plate technology allows greater depth of discharge while maintaining 1000+ discharge cycle life.

The XDT30MF Numax Leisure battery utilises tubular technology. Instead of plates stacked against each other, the XDT30MF has robust tubes that sit side by side and stretch from the top of the lid to the bottom of the case. Because of this tubular design, positive active material is protected and less likely to shed prematurely.

In addition, tubular batteries are designed to produce a deep discharge for a long time; this is why the XDT30MF is a great option for customers who use little to no electrical hook-up (off grid). The XDT30MF is the most durable and resilient battery in the Numax Leisure range.

Nominal Voltage (V) 12
Rated Capacity (Amp Hour) 115
Length (mm) 303
Width (mm) 175
Height (mm) 228
NCC Classification Class A
Charge Cycles 2000
CCA 650
Weight 28.70 kgs
Manufacturers Part Number XDT30MF