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Camplair S

A compact 4 berth trailer tent with a 2.3m awning ideal for long weekends or small families.

The Camplair S can be upgraded to a 6 berth and has a cabin that can be erected single handed and a very simple single hoop awning frame so it can be erected quickly by 1 person for short camping trips.

only £4,699.00
Camplair Velcro in Bucket Ground Sheet

Camplair  S Velcro bucket ground sheet, good condition

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Camplair XL Trailer Tent

The Camplair XL is a large family Trailer Tent with sleeping space for 4 to 8 people and an extensive awning.

Made using better materials and a simpler erecting system than similarly priced Trailer tents, the Camplair XL has a 4m awning with adaptable front walls and a side extension for kitchen, toilet or wardrobe.

Trigano Camplair S Bucket Ground Sheet, Heavy Duty

Camplair S , Peggable Heavy Duty, bucket ground sheet

Used Once for outdoor photo shoot

Like New

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only £120.00
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