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Isabella Commodore Dawn Caravan Awning

Commodore is a fusion of classic Isabella design and contemporary materials. Its depth of 3 metres and the choice of three types of frames are a major advantage, especially for those who alternate between permanent pitching and touring and enjoy having plenty of space in the awning.

only £9,999.00
Isabella FixOn II Clamp

Isabella FixOn II caravan awning pole clamp. Fixes the to beading on the inside of your caravan awning and provides a hooking point for the awnings frame against the side of the caravan.

only £5.95
Inc. VAT
Isabella Folding Corner Cupboard

Folding corner cupboard with quick erect secure leg joints.

only £97.00
Inc. VAT
Isabella Penta Flint Caravan Awning

Penta Flint has everything you require from a permanent pitch awning – a depth of 3.5 m without the nuisance of a centre pole, and designed so that every inch of space is used. The material used is Isacryl, which allows the awning to breathe. Mosquito net windows in both sides, and the numerous opening options, make for an optimal indoor climate.

From £2,240.00
Inc. VAT