Fiamma Garage System - Upgrade

Fiamma Garage System - Upgrade
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Garage System Upgrade is an add-on kit to extend the Fiamma Garage storage system by adding an extra shelving bay to the Garage System Standard frame.

Garage System Upgrade kit consists of 2 x upright support legs and horizontal cross-members to create 2 shelf levels in addition to the floor storage level.

N.B. - You MUST have Fiamma Garage System Standard first to use the Upgrade kit. This kit extends the Standard frame and CAN NOT be used on its own.

Garage System Upgrade comes with all fixings to attach to Garage System Standard frame and to securely brace the additional bay against the Garage compartment ceiling and floor.

Adding Garage System Upgrade to your existing Fiamma Garage shelves extends the frame by 62cm x 41cm