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Fiamma Carry-Bike Backpack 4x4

Fiamma Carry-Bike Backpack 4x4
Fiamma Carry Bike Backpack 4x4 fits over spare wheel Ensure bike rack does not cover number plate Fits over tyres with cross section from 215 to 265
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Ultra-versatile Carry-Bike Version for Minivans

Fiamma bike carrier for 4x4 and SUV with spare wheel mounted on the rear tailgate. The Carry Bike Backpack 4x4 fits over the spare wheel and allows you to carry up to 2 bikes without straps on clamps on the vehicle body.

The Bike Rack frame is adjustable to fit to tyre sizes with cross-section from 215 to 265. Rapidly install over the rear wheel and secure with the sturdy strap around the wheel. It is necessary to remove the rigid cover of the spare tyre if you have one.

Be careful not to cover the lights and number plate. Folding rail support base, can be folded away when the Carry-bike is not in use.

Carry-Bike Backpack 4x4 Standard Kit

Supplied as standard with: 2x Rail Quick C (bike support), Bike-Block Pro 1 and 2 (Carry-Bike frame to bike holder) and 1x Security Strip (buckled strap). Holds a maximum of 2-bikes.


  • Dimension: see images.
  • Max. Load: 35 Kg.
  • Weight: 7.8 Kg.
  • Carries as standard: 2-bikes.
  • Carries max.: 2-bikes
  • Frame construction: Anodised aluminium.
For Vehicle Type Car / SUV
Fitting Position Rear Door Fitting
Bikes Standard 2
Bikes Max 2
E-Bike Compatible Option
Fitting Notes
Min. Vertical Fitting Distance (cm)
Max. Vertical Fitting Distance (cm)
Bike Rack Fits Within...(cm)
Bike Rack Fits Over ...(cm)
Weight Capacity (kg)
Weight 51.00 kgs
Global Trade Item Number 8004815075156
Manufacturers Part Number 02093B38-