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Fiamma Carry-Moto S Motorbike Carrier

Fiamma Carry-Moto S Motorbike Carrier
2 Carry-Moto rails can be used for loading and unloading wheelchairs Carry-Moto adjustable length ramp 2 Carry-Moto can also be used for mounting quadbikes in your motorhome
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The Fiamma Carry-Moto S is the new motorbike-carrier for all motorhomes with garage facility. Consists of a ramp in galvanized aluminium that can be installed on the door of your motorhome or on the floor of the garage facility. Once the fixed plate is installed on the floor the ramp can be easily hooked and unhooked. When not in use it takes up little space. The rail can reach a length of 175 cm through the telescopic slide, to help loading. Complete with handle for easy transport.

ROLL ON RAMP: with 2 pieces of Fiamma Carry-Moto S you can create a system of ramps for loading scooters and wheelchairs on your vehicle. Each ramp has a 15 cm internal width and is covered with an antiskid band to help loading and unloading. The 2 ramps hold up to 130 kg, do not load wheelchairs when occupied.


  • Dimensions: See images.
  • Max. length: 175 cm.
  • Max. weight: 130kg.
  • Made using sturdy lightweight anodized aluminium with anti-skid surface.
  • Supplied with fixing kit.