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Fiamma Carry Bike XL A Pro 200 E-Bike

Fiamma Carry Bike XL A Pro 200 E-Bike
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This Carry-bike XLA Pro 200 E-Bike is a special version specifically designed for the transport of two electric bikes, this model is designed to be installed on the caravan A-frame for carrying two E-Bikes. and fits all A-Frames.


  • Carries 2 bikes maximum
  • Maximum load 50kg
  • Fits to A Frame
  • Dimensions 128 x 38 x 100 cm
  • A Frame minimum size 342cm

General Information

The Fiamma Carry-Bike Caravan XL A fits most caravans with standard 'A-frame', including Hobby type with extended frame and new Alko chassis.

The Caravan Active, XLA Pro and XLA Pro 200 models pivot forward allowing access to the storage compartment even when bikes are mounted (XLA model pivots forward but only when bikes are not mounted). Loading the bikes is a simple and safe operation. Standard A frame does not require drilling. Any plastic / fibre glass covers that cover the A frame need to be removed in order to fit the XLA range


  • Bull shock absorbers, this is the best and most reliable system for shock and vibration absorption during travel
  • Rack holder locking system which hold the racks of the carrier closed while not in use
  • Quick safe safety strap to safely mount and lock the wheels on the carry-bike rail


Click to download Fiamma Carry Bike CL Fitting Instructions
For Vehicle Type Caravan
Fitting Position A-Frame Fitting
Bikes Standard 2
Bikes Max 2
E-Bike Compatible Yes
Fitting Notes
Min. Vertical Fitting Distance (cm)
Max. Vertical Fitting Distance (cm)
Bike Rack Fits Within...(cm)
Bike Rack Fits Over ...(cm)
Weight Capacity (kg)
Weight 10.00 kgs
Manufacturers Part Number 02093E32A