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Fiamma Door Holder Rubber

Fiamma Door Holder Rubber
2 piece door holder to keep your motorhome door open Can be used on habitation or garage door
SKU: 04663-01A
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Door retainer to hold the habitation or garage door open on your caravan or motorhome. It can be positioned anywhere on the door and is made from sturdy rubber and plastic in order to absorb shocks and noises

Fiamma Door Holder holds the door open making it easier when loading or unloading or can be used to keep the door open for airflow in hot weather.

It has large sturdy size and the female / cup side of the retainer is made from durable, flexible rubber so it doesn't ware as fast as versions made from rigid plastic.

It can easily be installed using self tapping screws (not supplied). Resistant to UV-rays and works at low temperatures. Grey finish.


  • Colour: Grey.
  • Material: Plastic, rubber, metal base.
  • Screw Hole Centre Distance: 40mm