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Fiamma Bike Block Pro 4 - Deep Black

Fiamma Bike Block Pro 4 - Deep Black
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Bike block pro 4 deep black

Support arm which attaches to the bike frame securing it in the Carry-Bike. Bike Block Pro 4 is the longest length arm with Black colour trim usually used to support 4th bike.

Articulated version of Fiamma's Bike-Block Pro S bike support arm. The angle and length of the arm is adjustable so it can be routed around or through other bike to reach and secure the tube on the bike frame. The strongest quickest and safest blocking system.

Thanks to the adjustable joint, it can be adapted to any type of bike. The clamp and bike locking system can rotate 360 degrees. Also features curved aluminium tubes to making it easier to attach the bike.


  • Modern and functional design - Safety, comfort and simplicity make this new product an example of ergonomic use.
  • Easy and practical - The knob that fixes the bike bike block to the carry bike in its changed position allows free rotation of the clamp.