Fiamma Bi-Pot 34

Fiamma Bi-Pot 34
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Fiamma Bi-Pot is the simplest yet strongest, self-contained portable chemical toilet available and makes an ideal toilet for any caravan or motorhome.
The fresh water and waste holding tanks are manufactured using extremely sturdy and scratch-resistant plastic. The large caps of the Bi-Pot make it very easy and hygienic to clean and use without clogging. Sturdy and solid handle for easy transportation and secure side clips connect the lower and upper tanks. Convenient flush of fresh water, without separating the tanks. Super-strong, supports twice as much weight as other brands because the tanks are not welded.
Toilet Type Portable Toilet
Height (cm) 34
Width (cm) 36
Depth (cm) 43.5
Flush Tank Volume (L) 15
Waste Tank Volume (L) 13
Flush Type Piston Pump
Grove Code QQ056949