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Fiamma Awning Leg Top - F45 iL

Fiamma Awning Leg Top - F45 iL
Fiamma Leg Top F45 iL awnings
SKU: 98655-758
£13.55 Inc. VAT
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Replacement cast aluminium leg top for Fiamma F45 iL awnings and also fits to older versions of F45 from 450 and Fiamma ZIP awnings from 400 length.

This is the top end part of the awning leg which fits in to awning leg and is connected to the knuckle joint on the lead bar.

Supplied with replacement fixing rivet to fix the leg top to the awning leg as well as the plastic pin to fit it to the awning knuckle.

Fits to Fiamma awnings

  • Fiamma F1 L from length 400 to 550
  • Fiamma F45 iL from length 450 to 550
  • Fiamma F45 Plus L from length 450 to 550*
  • Fiamma F55 Pro from length 400 to 550*
  • Fiamma F45 Elegance XL awnings*

*This part looks different to the original leg top on these awnings but does fit

This is the current replacement part for old part no 98655-160. This part looks different but is a direct replacement and fits the same awnings as the old part number.