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Elsan Fresh Water Tank Cleaner

Elsan Fresh Water Tank Cleaner
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Elsan Fresh Water Tank Cleaner can be used to periodically clean out your freshwater system. Regular use helps keep your water system free from micro-organisms to provide fresh drinking water in your caravan kitchen and bathroom.

  • Chlorine free
  • Use to clean your freshwater system
  • Attacks algae & other bacteria

Tank Cleaner contains no Chlorine so has none of the associated smell or risk and is safe for use with all materials in your caravan. Because it attacks algae and bacteria in your mobile water tank or portable water carrier, it is particularly useful after winter storage. It also removes unwanted calcium build-up and other deposits from storage tanks and pipe work. Tank Cleaner can also be used to clean any caravan liquid storage tanks.

Simply fill your fresh water tank or container with diluted Tank Clean, allow to soak overnight, rinse thoroughly and low and behold, all signs of contamination will have disappeared leaving a safe environment in which you can store your fresh water system.

Use 100ml per 20 Litres of fresh water

Handy fill level indicator on bottle for easy measuring