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Décor Microsafe Microwave Cake Tray

Décor Microsafe Microwave Cake Tray
Microsafe Cake Tray
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The Décor cake tray is one of many product from the microsafe product range from Décor which is a range of microwavable cookware.

The cake tray can be used in the microwave which can reduce the cooking time of your cake from 30 minutes all the way down to just 6 minutes! This tray has a unique dome design which ensures that you get even cooking throughout the cake but also creates a domed shape top to your cake. Once the cake is cooked you simply just flip it out onto your plate.

It's can be used with premade packet mix or even you homemade cake recipes, its the perfect accessory for when you have a birthday whilst you are camping or caravanning and don't have an oven.


  • Dome base
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Dimensions: (D)7cm x Ø22cm
  • Maximum temperature: +120°C
  • Minimum temperature: -20°C


Do not exceed the maximum fill line for your mixture

Some ingredients in your mixture can affect cooking times. If the cake isn't cooked after 6 minutes then continue microwaving in 30 seconds intervals on high power until it is cooked