Caravan Front Cover Pro

Caravan Front Cover Pro
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The Caravan Front Cover Pro is a protective accessory designed to keep your caravan clean and safeguard it from various road hazards and debris during towing. Caravan Front Cover Pro is designed to offer both protection and convenience for caravan owners, ensuring a clean and damage-free journey while adhering to road safety regulations

It provides protection against road debris, mud, exhaust emissions, stone chips, and scratches that can damage the front panel and windows of your caravan.

Durable insert tubes and 8 straps on each side make it easy to install and ensure a secure fit. The straps attach to the awning channels on each side of the caravan. An additional hitch strap kit is included for added stability.


  • Fits caravans with width between 215cm and 250cm.
  • Water repellent
  • Breathable 4 layer fabric
  • The outer layers are durable and protect from harmful UV rays
  • The middle layer’s breathable film allows water vapour to escape but keeps out the rain
  • The inner layer is soft white and non-abrasive so it will not scratch the caravan.
  • Built in LED lights (battery operated).
  • Supplied with storage bag