TV & Aerials

Easy to set up aerial system for portable TV used on when camping or in caravan and motorhome. A range of styles of antenna, many with worldwide digital and radio reception, suitable for installation on a caravan roof or available with independent masts for attachment to the A-frame or for free-standing use by tent campers.

Berker Satellite Point Anthracite
only £11.78
Inc. VAT
Coax Cable Male to Male 5m
only £5.99
Inc. VAT
F to F Coupler
only £1.49
Inc. VAT
Female Co Ax TV Socket
only £1.00
Inc. VAT
Flat Window TV Cable
only £8.99
Inc. VAT


Maxview F to Coxial Adaptors
only £4.44
Inc. VAT
Maxview Unimax Mast & Clamps B2009
only £16.00
Inc. VAT
Vision Plus Uni Bracket
only £13.96
Inc. VAT