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Camp-let Quality

Camp-let Trailer Tents are built to the highest possible quality standards using designs, materials and manufacturing processes you won't see on other brands of trailer tents. The uncompromising quality and attention to detail make Camp-let the best Trailer Tents available and ensure they last well beyond the life expectancy of most others with minimal maintenance and care.

Fibreglass Trailer
Fibreglass Trailer being made in the Camp-let factory Lightweight Trailer can be towed by small hatchbacks and city cars UV resistant trailer does not degrade or break down when left in the sun Hard top and sealed rear door protect interior from the elements

Marine Quality - A hand rolled fibreglass body with hard, but flexible gel coat finish sets the Camp-let apart from the rest. Produced in Denmark for over 40 years, the quality of the fibreglass on the Camp-let trailer is as good as you will find on the best made boats.

Strong & Lightweight - A fibreglass trailer provides significant benefits over standard trailer tent and folding camper design. Pound for pound stronger than timber or steel, using fibreglass results in a stronger, yet lighter, trailer. Unlike steel or wood, fibreglass cannot rust or rot.

Lasts a Lifetime - The Camp-let fibreglass is UV resistant that require very little maintenance and is easy to clean. If your trailer does take a bump fibreglass is also very easy to repair to a high standard with no need to remove or replace trailer panels.

Protected Interior - Having a sealed, hard top and floor, anything inside of the fibreglass trailer is better protected from the elements. The vast majority of trailer tents and folding campers have wooden floors and a soft PVC top cover.

30 Year Canvas

All Isabella Camp-let canvasses are made from Ten Cate materials to a very high standard. Once made, they fitted to the trailer for further inspection. 

World's Best tent Cloth

Ten Cate - The World's Best Tent Cloth

Ten Cate is widely recognised as the World's Best Tent Cloth and all Camp-let canvasses are produced using heavy duty Ten Cate material. The manufacturing process used by Ten Cate results in a breathable, insulating, UV resistant, waterproof material which is resistant to fading and mildew due to the quality of the cotton and acrylic threads used.


Isabella Quality Awnings

Isabella - The highest quality awnings for Camp-let trailer tents

Isabella have a reputation as Europe's best awning manufacturer due to their advanced techniques and stringent quality standards. Camp-let is now part of the Isabella group who produce all canvas sets for the complete Camp-let range. On close inspection the detailed quality of the Camp-let canvas is revealed.


All seams double stitched and major seam reinforced with nylon

You will find double stitching on the main seams of most manufacturers canvasses, however, Camp-let go further. On Isabella / Camp-let canvasses the seams in all main stitching areas are folded, nylon reinforced and double stitched. This type of stitching and reinforcing makes the seam one of the strongest parts of the tent.


Peggins point are flag stitched, reinforced and made from nylon

Pegging Points
Pegging points on all tents and awnings are the most likely area to fail with time and cotton pegging points can rot. On the Camp-let / Isabella canvas every main pegging point is flag stitched to the material and sandwiched between heavy duty triangular webbing to spread the load. The pegging points themselves are nylon which does not rot.


Heavy duty self correcting zips

Heavy Duty OPTI® Zips
Zips can be expensive to replace if they do fail but Camp-let canvasses use heavy linked OPTI® zips which are super strong and self correct if misaligned.


Double layer canvas at all frame contact points and corners have extra reinforcement

Reinforced Pressure Points
Although the Camp-let has minimal framework, all areas where the frame comes into contact with the material have chafing bands fitted. All corner pressure points have chaffing bands and heavy duty nylon reinforcement panels to ensure maximum strength and durability.


30 Year Lifespan
The combination of Ten Cate material and Isabella's manufacturing process and experience results in a canvas that will last up to 30 years under normal use with minimal care.

Carefully Selected Metalwork

All of the metalwork on the Camp-let is carefully selected and treated to provide a lifetime of use.

Trailer under carriage is all galvanised steel so won't rust over time

Chassis & Framework
The Al-Ko chassis, axle unit, internal framework and corner steadies are galvanised steel. The integral awning framework on every model is powder coated to the highest standards, as is the luggage rack on 4th generation trailers. The 5th generation luggage rack is made from aircraft grade aluminium.


Lid hinge with brass insert secured with aluminium rivets

Quality in the Details
The Camp-let has heavy duty galvanised and aluminium bolts and rivets to attach fittings and trim.

The front and rear trailer lid hinges and the hinge for the rear door have brass inserts so hinges will not begin to stick or seize with age.


Powder coated polework fixed to trailer with stainless steel bolts

Fixtures & Fittings
Many of the fixtures and fittings throughout the Camp-let are made from stainless steel including the bolts which secure the framework to the trailer, the rear door lock and even the smallest items such as the screws which hold the light lenses in place are also stainless steel.


Beds & Mattresses

Quality Foam - To ensure comfort and longevity Camp-let use Danish quality bedding foam for both the beds and seat cushions. This durable foam provides superior insulation and warmth and will last much longer than others without sagging or deforming.

Quilted Covers - Every foam mattress and seat cushions is covered in a 6mm thick quilted cover which is removable and washable. An optional memory foam topper is also available to give extra warmth if needed and is included on the Premium.

Draft Free - To ensure bedrooms are completely draft free, the canvas is attached to the trailer around the bed using awning channel to ensure there is no gap. With a warmer bedroom than other makes, a more comfortable night's sleep is guaranteed.

Slatted Option - A right hand slatted bed kit or bed float is included in the package to provide increased warmth, comfort and breathability. An optional kit for the left hand bed is available.

Award Winning Quality

Powder coated polework fixed to trailer with stainless steel bolts

The quality of the Camp-let has been recognised by the Caravan Club, who have crowned the Camp-let winner of "Best Lightweight Trailer Tent" 12 years running at the annual lightweight trailer awards.

The Camp-let has also been awarded "1st Prize AWARDS WINNER" by Camping Magazine in association with the Camping and Caravanning Club in a competition comparing Camp-let or folding camper.

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