Camp-let Concorde SE

Camp-let Concorde Luxury Edition

Based on the Camp-let Concorde but with an upgraded trailer and a few extra comfort features, the Concorde SE is Camp-let Camping with a little extra luxury.

Upgraded trailer includes luggage rack and luxury kitchen
Best selling Concorde canvas set in blue and grey cotton

Camp-let Concorde SE

The Concorde SE uses the same top quality cotton canvas set found on the standard Concorde. It offers a spacious awning, 3 veranda window panels, rear bedroom vents, wardrobe and other handy storage. In addition the Concorde SE is equipped with a zip-on side annexe, usually an option, and upgraded beds and kitchen.

Luxury kitchen has 2 extra draws and can be fitted with optional oven

Deluxe Kitchen & Oven Option
The upgraded trailer means the Concorde SE is equipped with a deluxe Camp-let kitchen. This taller unit provides 2 extra draws, useful for kitchen utensils, and a higher work surface while retaining the running water & sink, cupboard storage and 3 burner stove. An optional fitted oven is also available.

Extra memory foam cover with individual cover on top of normal Camp-let mattress Memory Foam Deluxe Beds
While normal Camp-let beds are far from rudimentary, the Concorde SE beds have memory foam toppers built within the top of both beds and the seating area cushions. Incredibly supportive and extra insulating for campers who feel the cold, the memory foam bed bases give you more to sink in to.

Adaptable Awning Addition

There's nothing more luxurious than extra space especially when you can adapt it to suit your needs.

The multi purpose annexe can be used as a cosy toilet.. or use it to play cards and unwind Convert your gambling den & loo into a 2 berth bedroom
Multi-purpose annexe, ideal extra bedroom, toilet area, gambling den or extra storage.

More space for storage or camping toilet. can also be used as a third bedroom if needed

The supplied side annexe creates generous extra awning space which can be used as storage or toilet area. No more midnight walks to the toilet block. It can also be used as a guest bed should the need arise.


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