Camp-let for Any Family

Whatever size family you are and whatever model you choose, every owner benefits from Camp-lets quick erect system and unsurpassed quality. However, different models offer different features giving them greater appeal to particular groups.

2 Berth Camp-let 3 - 4 Berth Camp-let 4 to 8 Berth Camp-let

Camp-let for Couples
Couple looking for a 2 person Trailer Tent

2 Person / Couple

Typically a younger or older couple with no kids to take with them. There may be pets or occassional guests.
Recommended Models: Classic

These Camp-let Classic will sleep up to 4, however, if set up as a 2 berth comfort is guaranteed. Have the right hand side as a permanently made up double bed and on the left set up the comfortable 2 person seat and use the rear for storage.

Camp-let models can be easily erected in minutes by almost anyone due to pram hood opening and they cover 18sqm when pegged out.

The Camp-let Classic is equipped with a swing out kitchen, underbed storage, pelmet with pockets, rear vented windows and a central wardrobe bar as standard. This model also has a zip out side panel to accomodate an optional bedroom / toilet annex.
2 person double bed on the right of the Camp-let Apollo and Basic When using the trailer as a 2 berth set up the bench seat on the left hand side Area behind the bench is storage 17 sqm area is big enough for 2 Pram hood opening for easy 1 person pitching Optional Kitchen. Basic with no kitchen, Basic+ kitchen included Standard sun canopy attached to 2 berth Camp-let Nature sun canopy includes winged walls Hooped front Living canopy Pelmet with storage pockets can be fitted to any model Wardrobe bar fits between double beds

Camp-let for Families
Camp-let Trailer Tent for family of 4

3 - 4 Person Family

Typically a couple with 1 or 2 kids or a single parent family. Extra sleeping space and the ability to carry more is important.
Recommended Models: Classic

This model sleeps 4 as standard utilising both double beds and offer increased living space needed by a family with a larger 18sqm overall area.

The Classic can be fitted with an optional side annexe so older kids can sleep separately or to create a storage or toilet area.

Options: Increase your covered area by fitting one of 3 available canopies.

To cater for extra kit a family carries, fit a bike rack or specify a larger storage box to carry a fridge.
4 berth as standard with 2 double beds Bigger area for families at 18sqm when pitched Use annex for sleeping to make a 3 bedroom trailer tent Optional annex provides additional storage or toilet area Optional canopy can be fitted with front and side wall for extra covered area Nature sun canopy includes winged walls Carry rack for bikes fits 2 or 4 bikes on Camp-let Larger front boxes are available to carry camping toilet or fridge

Upgrade: Consider upgrading to a Premium with an apex roof. This means your Camp-let is an ever-expanding modular tent. A full awning can be zipped on to the apex roof and the awnings themselves have zip out side panels for the addition of annexes.

Camp-let for Groups
Trailer Tent for family of 8 or more

4 - 8 Person Group

Typically a larger family, those taking guests or grandparents taking grandchildren.
Recommended Models: Premium

This model has an apex roof making your Camp-let a modular system allowing the addition of optional awnings and annexes. As the family grows, so can the Camp-let.

The Premium model has a deeper kitchen with 2 cutlery draws.

Options: Double your living space with an optional extension awning on all models and fit as many annexes as are needed. The latest premium allows the kitchen to swing outside the awning so an optional canopy is available for outdoor cooking.
Apex roof allows extensions to be fitted to the front of the tent Kitchen canopy for Premium model only You can fit an extension awning and multiple annexes for additional storage and bed space Sleeping for 6 people with 1 annex fitted Deluxe kitchen with cutlery draws fitted to the Adventure and Premium Different shades of Acrylic can be found depending on the model Carry rack for bikes fits 2 or 4 bikes on Camp-let

Universal Options

All Camp-lets can also be fitted with a range of universal accessories including side storage brackets, bike racks and storage boxes to make them even more practical and enjoyable to own. See the most popular options below or follow the link to view the full range of Camp-let Accessories.

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