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TV & Aerial

F TO F Coupler
This is used to connect 2 cables fitted with F connector plugs.
only £1.49
Inc. VAT
Coax Cable Male to Male 5m
5 meters of co ax cable when an extension is required.
only £5.99
Inc. VAT
Aerial to Mast Bracket
The Antenna-2-Mast Bracket is designed to fit a 25mm diameter mast and allow for an antenna with a 15mm square profile to be attached. The bracket also allows for quick and simple rotation for either vertically or horizontally polarised TV signals
only £5.95
Inc. VAT
Vision Plus12v DC Mains Adaptor
Drops mains A/C current to 12V DC current
only £10.96
Inc. VAT
Vision Plus A Frame Bracket
The Vision Plus A Frame Bracket is designed to bolt/ clamp to the A-Frame of your Caravan, Trailer Tent or Folding Camper.
only £9.95
Inc. VAT
Maxview Satellite Tripod
This tripod is compatible with most dishes.It has a wide footprint for stability yet is compact for easy storage.
Light weight aluminium construction.
Mast will rotate through 360 degrees
Can be with any touring vehicle.
only £56.99
Inc. VAT


Maxview F to Coxial Adaptors
only £4.30
Inc. VAT
W4 Inline TV Aerial Coupler
only £1.00
Inc. VAT
Vision Plus A- Frame Mast
only £28.96
Inc. VAT
Female Co Ax Socket
only £0.90
Inc. VAT