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Blind Spot Detection System

Blind Spot Detection System
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This Blind Spot Detection System uses sonar technology to alert motorists if another vehicle is in the blind spot. According to the Department of Transport, the leading cause of accidents is 'drivers failing to look properly'. 

The blind spot is the part of the road that can’t be seen by the driver when they're looking forward through their windscreen or using both their rear-view mirror and wing mirrors. To see the blind spot, drivers need to look to their side to see if there is any vehicle or object.

This innovative system provides both audible and visual warnings whenever another vehicle/object is in the blind spot. It also detects vehicles that are stationary, as well as curbs and lamp posts.

  • Utilises sonar technology to detect threats in less than 120 milli-seconds
  • Sensors cover a 10ft range, sufficient to cover most blind spots

* Please note, a qualified professional may be required to install and fit this system to the vehicle.*

Kit includes:

  • Digital display console
  • 2 in-car LED indicators
  • 2 rear bumper digital sensors
  • Hole saw for sensor installation
  • Main unit & electrical wiring