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Awning Accessories

Accessorize your awning with a range of storm supports and tie down kits including the full range of Fiamma Rafters and Rafter Pro. Camperlands also stock an extensive range of buckle tie down kits, door poles and rear support poles to give your awning a better seal against your caravan or motorhome.

Awning fixing kits for mounting the Fiamma F35, F45 and F65 case awnings to your camper van or motorhome. With kits available for Sprinter, Ducato, Transit and all varieties of VW camper it is easy to choose the correct adapter kit for your vehicle for safe and secure fixing of your Fiamma awning.

Add a little privacy or shade to your Fiamma caravan or motorhome awning with a range of rooms, walls and sun-shades for the Fiamma range of awnings. Camperlands stock the Fiamma Blocker and Blocker Pro side panels for Fiamma F45 and Caravanstore awnings and offer great prices on Privacy and Safari rooms.

Camptech Inner Tent for MotoAir

Inner tent to fit the Camptech MotoAir drive-away awnings. Hangs from the awning hanging points and provides sleeping space inside the awning area.

only £71.20
save 32%
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Awning Skirting - Motorhome

PVC awning draught skirt complete with wheel arch cover for Motorhomes with awnings up to 5.5m in length. Fiamma Skirting offers protection against wind and rain eliminating drafts in the awning from under the vehicle.

only £70.00
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Kit Rain Guard Van

Convenient Rubber Guard to seal the space between the awning and the vehicle wall to prevent water drips.

Kit Rain Guard Van is a special version for F45 and F35 awning fitted to vans where the awning is spaced out from the van wall.

only £70.00
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Awning Skirting - Caravan

PVC awning draught skirt complete with wheel arch cover for Caravan awnings up to 4.5m in length. Fiamma Skirting offers protection against wind and rain eliminating drafts in the awning from under the caravan.

only £67.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Kit Poles - Aluminium Canopy Set

Pair of telescopic canopy poles in aluminium supplied with 2 x guylines and 2 x pegs to extend the door of Rear Door Cover Ducato and Rear Door Cover VW T5 as an additional canopy.

only £67.00
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Patio Mat Carpet

The essential accessory for your Fiamma awning and Privacy Room. The Patio Mat is really light and easy to carry and is easy to clean by removing the dirt from the surface and washing with water. It dries in the open air. Fiamma Patio Mat is UV-ray resistant and maintains its colour and the technical features over time.

From £65.99
Inc. VAT
Kampa Rally Inner-tent

A 2 berth inner tent suitable for both the Rally Air and Rally Air Pro 2015 awnings. (Excludes Rally Air Pro 330)

only £64.98
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Moskito Net Pro

The new version Moskito Net Pro, has double function: apart from being a real mosquito screen it acts also as shade panel, blocking about 60% of light, and it assures extra privacy inside the vehicle. Composed by two overlapping panels 52cm wide and 230cm high.

only £62.99
Inc. VAT
Kampa Accessory Track Awning Organiser

There's never enough space in an awning so these handy organisers are perfect for smaller items, helping keep your awning tidier and your essential holiday items easier to find. The organisers simply slide onto the Accessory-Track™ on selected models.

only £62.99
Inc. VAT
Kampa Travel Pod Motion Inner Tent - 2019

2 berth inner tent to fit to Kampa Travel Pod Motion AIR awnings. Clips in to hanging tabs on awning ceiling to create an enclosed 2 person bedroom.

only £60.00
save 20%
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Kit Poles Light

Fiamma Kit Poles Light now includes 2 vertical aluminium poles, which is made using 3 smaller pole sections. Fiamma Kit Poles Light helps improve the stability of the Privacy Room Light and Privacy Room CS Light.

only £58.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Magicrafter Standard

Lateral roof support pole for wind-out awnings. MagicRafter fits from side to side on the awning and clamps to elbows on awning arms locking them in position and bracing the awning frame to add strength to the structure.

only £58.00
Inc. VAT
Kampa Dometic Gale 12 Volt Awning Inflator

12 Volt electric pump designed specifically for use with AIR awnings and inflatable tents. This compression pump simply plugs into a 12V power source using the extra long cable, then set the required pressure (PSI) and let the pump do the work.

only £55.00
save 12%
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Rafter Pro (curved)

The Fiamma Rafter Pro is a curved tension rafter to fit Fiamma F45 and F65 awnings which fits from front to back of the awning (from vehicle outwards). The curved Rafter Pro pushes up the centre of the awning fabric which helps eliminate water pooling and noisy flapping of fabric in the wind.

only £52.99
Inc. VAT
Caravanstore Support Leg

The Fiamma Caravanstore Support Leg offers reinforcement of the caravanstore structure by vertical attachment to the front roller tube and horizontal fixing to the Caravanstore bag. Greatly improves overall resistance and stability against winds. Consists of two telescopic poles, which share a hinged connection. Simple twist and lock operation. Fiamma Caravanstore Support Leg is extremely light and strong thanks to its anodised aluminium construction.

Standard delivered with Caravanstore 440 and Caravanstore Zip 360, 410 and 440. Optional for the other lengths.

only £49.99
Inc. VAT
Fiamma Kit Magic Privacy Side

Optional telescopic horizontal bar to increase the stability of the side panel on Fiamma Privacy Rooms. Magic Privacy Side clamps to front leg and rear Privacy Room pole and is suitable for Fiamma F45 and Caravanstore Privacy Rooms including ZIP versions.

only £47.99
Inc. VAT


Double Edge Kador Strip
From £2.50
Inc. VAT
NRF Plastic Window Suckers (x10)
only £4.99
Inc. VAT
Ball Joint for awning poles
only £2.50
Inc. VAT

New Arrivals

Sunncamp Awning Tie Down Kit
Added: 16/01/2022
This tie down kit is compatible with the storm buckles found on sunncamp awnings porches and drive away awnings
only £12.98
Inc. VAT