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Universal Mains Water Adaptor Kit

Universal Mains Water Adaptor Kit
Universal mains water adaptor kit
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Designed to be used in conjunction with any aquaroll, aqua caddy, aquarius, roly poly, water hog with a side neck to give caravans a connection to a mains water supply where an individual tap is available without the risk of flooding sometimes associated with direct connection of caravan to supply.

The Mains Adapter connects to to the tap and screws into the side neck on the water carrier. It features a ball-cock device to maintain the fill level in the tank without overfilling for a connect and forget connection.

When used in this way the water tank and Mains Adapter give a reserve supply of approximately half the tank capacity in case of mains supply interuption and, because there is no mains pressure inside the caravan, there is no danger of flooding.

  • 7.5m Food quality hose
  • Snap-on stop connections to ball valve
  • Threaded ½" & ¾" tap connectors and Snap-on connector to fit all taps
  • Mains water connection without risk of flooding caravan
  • Uses water tank as buffer for reserve supply if mains is interupted