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Maypole Cycle Light Board 7 Pin

Maypole Cycle Light Board 7 Pin
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When carrying cycles with a cycle carrier (or any other load which obscures the vehicle's lights and/or registration plate) a suitable lighting board and approved number plate must be fitted to the load. Obscured lights or number plates can incur a fine of up to £2500 and penalty points added to the driver's licence

Obscuring means any object placed in the normal field of view of the lights and number plate. This includes cycle wheels, regardless of whether the lights can be seen through the spokes of the wheel.


Fitting a lighting board to a towbar-mounted cycle rack is straightforward as the towbar will also feature an electrics socket into which the lighting board is plugged into. The lighting board is then securely attached to the rack or the cycles by means of a strap, and you are ready to drive away - legally.

When using a strap-on cycle carrier on a standard car however, no such provision exists to power a lighting board - indeed it is usually users of a strap-on rack that are most commonly prosecuted. Lack of a facility to power a lighting board does not remove the obligation to use one whenever carrying cycles on the rear. However it is fairly straightforward - and cheap - to install a socket for your lighting board, without fitting a complete towbar to the vehicle.