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Easy Camp 5 in 1 Opener

Stainless Steel all-in-one bottle opener with short knife, corkscrew, bottle openers and boot lever.

Utensils fold away into 1 handy device.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £1.99
View Easy Camp 5 in 1 Opener

Kampa Privvy Toilet Tent

A unique, quick to set up, toilet tent . The top part of the hybrid frame pops into shape and the legs simply attach to this. Comes complete with a ground frame, to maintain stability, a velcro-in tub groundsheet (removable if not required) and a toilet roll holder.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £47.99
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Mini push lock

Price (Inc. VAT)   P.O.A.

Sunncamp Beach Ashtray

Small and portable re-usable ashtray for beach or campsite. The Sunncamp Beach Ashtray has a cigarette rest on the lip and a clip closed lid to keep ash and butts contained.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £1.00
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Sunncamp Plastic Egg Carrier

Plastic egg carrier holds upto 6 eggs securely and protects them in transit. Eggs for breakfast without the breakages.

Holds 6 chicken egss in a hard plastic case which protects eggs from knocks and keeps them from breaking in an overfilled camping fridge. Flexible stems cradle the eggs inside the case to protect them from jolts and hold any size egg securely.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £2.48
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