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FloGas 7KG Butane - REFILL

FloGas 7KG Butane - REFILL
Flogas bottles are widely available throughout the UK.
SKU: 246009
£28.50 Inc. VAT
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    To purchase a refill you will need a empty bottle to exchange. Check the brand of bottle you are returning is on the return bottle list above. If your bottle brand is not on this list, your bottle CAN NOT BE EXCHANGED for a Flogas bottle.

    Flogas Butane 7kg is the choice for small home BBQs and portable heaters and can be used for camping and caravanning in Spring and Summer months.

    Flogas is widely available throughout the UK making them a viable alternative for Calor Gas bottles. You can check out the dealer network where you can get exchanges here https://www.flogas.co.uk/stockists

    To connect camping stoves, BBQs and patio heaters directly to FloGas Butane gas bottles, use the 21mm Clip-on Butane Regulator in conjunction with low pressure hose and jubillee clips.

    To connect Flogas Butane bottles to a caravan with a fitted regulator use the Butane Gas Hose Pigtail with a 21mm clip-on adapter.