Camp-let Breathable Storage Cover

Camp-let Breathable Storage Cover
Breathable winter storage cover fitted to Camp-let trailer tents
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A waterproof and breathable storage cover to fit all Camp-let trailer tents. Protects the trailer from dirt and grime and reduces the build up of condensation when your Camp-let is stored for long periods.

Ideal for winter storage as it is UV stabilised and suitable for long term outdoor use. it prevents tree sap and bird lime from damaging the gel coat fibreglass.

Because it is breathable it also allows water and condensation to escape from under the cover and insulates to reduce build up of condensation inside the trailer which might otherwise allow mildew to form causing damage to canvas and bedding.

This does not remove the need to open and check your trailer periodically throughout the winter.


Fits all Camp-let models of all ages

Will not fit 5th generation trailers if they have the extra optional luggage rack fitted.