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Calor Butane Gas Bottles 4.5KG REFILL

Calor Butane Gas Bottles 4.5KG REFILL
Calor Butane Gas Bottles 7KG REFILL
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Calor Butane Gas Cylinder 4.5KG Refill

Calor Gas Bottles are available UK wide. Calor Gas Butane is the common gas bottle for most UK camping, home BBQs and cabinet heaters.

A range of bottle sizes are available from small to very large and Camperlands offer both new bottle purchases and gas bottle exchanges in Manchester.

For Calor Gas Butane 7Kg and 15Kg Bottles connected directly to camping appliances, BBQs or heaters use the Clip-on 21mm Butane Regulator in conjunction with low pressure hose and jubille clips.

For the 4.5Kg Butane bottle use the Screw on Butane Regulator instead.

To connect Calor Gas Butane bottles to a caravan regulator use the M20 - M20 Gas Hose Assembly with the 21mm clip-on adapter for most bottles, or the Butane Gas hose Pigtail with the 4.5Kg bottle.