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Vision Plus A Frame Bracket

 Vision Plus A Frame Bracket
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The Vision Plus A Frame Bracket is designed to bolt/ clamp to the A-Frame of your Caravan, Trailer Tent or Folding Camper. It doesn't require you to drill any holes, once fixed in position you would leave it there ready to accommodate your mast.

Compatible with masts that are 25mm in diameter.


Firstly you need to loosen and unscrew the lock nuts and bolts however do not remove them.

Then fit the bracket inside the hollow of the caravan A-Frame and tighten the bolts. (In some cases, where the cowling over the A-Frame may obstruct the bracket. You will need to produce a cut-out in the cowl)

Finally tighten the lock-buts to secure the bracket in place. Loosen the 'U' bolt to accept the mast and then tighten to secure it in place.

(If you want more stability then push the mast into the ground before tightening the 'U' bolt)