Stronghold Caravan Stabiliser

Stronghold Caravan Stabiliser
Stronhold caravan stabiliser Stronghold stabiliser fits both a frame and straight trailer draw bars Caravan Stabiliser supplied with all fitting parts required including stabiliser plate
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Easy fiting Caravan Stabiliser giving anti-sway and anti-pitch control. The Stronghold Stabiliser fits to both A frame and straight draw bars to give anti-snaking control on caravans, horse boxes and larger trailers.

The Caravan Stabiliser is supplied with all necessary fittings including quick release mechanism and stabiliser towball plate amking it easy to fit and unhitch. DIY fitting is easy and the fast fit L bracket means no drilling is required for isntallation.

Stabilisers provide damping of sway and pitch movement of the on tow vehicle to reduce snaking and improve towing safety.

  • Use with caravans, trailers and horseboxes
  • Fits A frames and straight towbars
  • Quick release mechanism
  • Sway and Pitch control
  • All fittings provided