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Streetwize Rechargeable Dehumidifiers

Streetwize Rechargeable Dehumidifiers
A Pair of Streetwize Rechargeable Dehumidifiers
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Streetwize Rechargeable Dehumidifiers

Stop / Reduce Dampness in your Leisure Vehicles

Ideal for Caravans, Motorhomes, Boats as well as in the home in fact anywhere the air gets damp.  These simply need charging and will work for around 3-4 months between recharges depending on the volume of moisture in the air.  

Because this moisture draining dehumidifier can be used for months between charges, it's ideal to leave in your caravan over winter, guarding against a damp caravan come the springtime. In cases where caravan damp is already an issue, this useful dehumidifier set can help to stop the problem building and getting worse, especially in storage

It is also useful for reducing the musty smells that caravans can suffer from.

Easy to read indicator will let you know once it needs recharging Pink needs charging Blue is good.