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Purpleline Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp

Purpleline Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp
Purpleline Nemesis Ultra fits through caravn alloy wheel
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Slim line design Caravan Wheel Clamp suitable for all allloy wheels from 13 inch. Nemesis Ultra is Thatcham assured and will secure your caravan or motorhome.

Compact design means Nemesis Ultra can be fitted to twin axle caravans and those with caravan movers without interference.

The small size and lightweight makes the Nemesis Ultra easier to fit than bulkier Wheel Clamps and it stores easily in a small space.

Unlie other wheel locks the Nemesis Plus fits through rather than around the wheel meaning all parts that a thief would try to cut are located inside or behind the wheel making them incredibly hard to get at. On rotation of the wheel a steel bar will foul with the suspension or the chassis of the caravan, stopping the caravan dead.

Universal fitting fits to all aloy wheel sizes from 13 inch up and adjusts to wheel profile. British Made anti-pick 9 pin Lowe & Fletcher Lock resists cutting, drilling and gas freezing.


  • Slim line design
  • Fits all alloy wheels 13inch+
  • Doesn't foul caravan mover
  • Suitable for twin axle
  • Supplied with carry case