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Powerpart PB10 Caravan Transformer

Powerpart PB10 Caravan Transformer
Powerpart PB10 tranformer for caravans, motorhome and boats PB10 Wiring Plan can include leisure battery but is not required
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Mains to 12V caravan transformer . The PB10 can be floor or bulkhead mounted to provide a 12V supply from a mains 230V AC power source in a caravan, motorhome or boat.

Powerpart PB10 transformer is designed for a continuous load of 7.5A and up to 10A intermittent output giving 90 to 120 Watt output. Suitable to run a variety of appliances including lights, water pump, TV, radio, heater and fridge

The PB10 transformer can also be wired up to trickle charge a leisure battery if connect but, unlike some other transformers, a battery is not necessary to use the PB10.

  • Converts mains 230V Ac to 12V DC
  • Continuous 7.5A / 90W output
  • Reliable sealed unit design
  • Can top up charge a leisure battery
  • Inline battery not required for operation

Supplied with approx. 1.5m mains connection cable, self-tapping mounting screws and 10A fuse.