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Caravans offer the freedom to explore the country with all the comforts of home, but can be a little short on space. Caravan Awnings are a great way to expand that space and a Cheap Caravan Awning will allow you to spread out in comfort without breaking the bank.

Camperlands have a great range of Caravan Awnings For Sale including porch awnings and top quality Fiamma Caravanstore awnings and Caravanstore Zip rooms. We also stock motorhome drive-away awnings from Kampa, Sunncamp and Outdoor Revolution which make a great, easy to pitch alternative to conventional Cheap Caravan Awnings.

Many of our awnings are also on display at our UK showground in Manchester, where our expert staff can advise you on the best awning for your caravan or motorhome. Since we supply all types of awning fixing kit we can also advise on how best to achieve a secure fit to your vehicle and if you bring your 'van for us to see we gaurantee our advice.

In partnership with Agent Fiamma we also supply Fiamma F45 and F65 Privacy Rooms and Caravanstore blocker panels as well as other awnings walls and rooms for your existing Caravan Awning in addition to our range of new Caravan Awnings For Sale. We believe this gives us one of the best ranges of Caravan Awnings in the UK with options to suit all budgets.


W4 Awning Rail Spreader

W4 Awning Rail Spreader

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £6.49
View W4 Awning Rail Spreader

Fiamma Awning Crank Handles

The Fiamma Crank handle made in ultralight aluminium in standard version with folding handle for most motorhomes and telescopic version for high motorhomes and roof awnings.

Prices From (Inc. VAT)   £23.95
View Fiamma Awning Crank Handles

Fiamma Awning Rafter

Telescopic canopy tension rafter for wind-out awnings which supports the awning roof and is fitted from the vehicle to the front of the awning. Fiamma Rafter prevents the canopy fabric from sagging and water pooling on the awning roof in heavy rain, and can also help keep the canopy fabric taut in the centre of the roof on longer awnings.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £29.95
View Fiamma Awning Rafter

Fiamma Awning Skirting - Ducato

PVC awning draught skirt complete with wheel arch cover for specially designed for the Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer van family after 06/2006. Fiamma Skirting offers protection against wind and rain eliminating drafts in the awning from under the vehicle.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £104.95
View Fiamma Awning Skirting - Ducato

Fiamma Awning Tie Down Kit

Fiamma Tie Down Kit to firmly anchor the awning to the ground in case of wind. The Fiamma Tie Down Kit includes 11m of black or yellow tough adjustable strapping and fits crank awnings and traditional awnings up to 600 cm in length.

Prices From (Inc. VAT)   £12.95
View Fiamma Awning Tie Down Kit

Fiamma Awning Tie Down S

Improved version of Tie Down, the Tie Down S allows for solid anchoring of the Fiamma F45, F65 and Caravanstore awning by attaching directly to the front leading edge of the awning. The Fiamma Tie Down S may also be used with any Fiamma Privacy Room from version 2009, by way of buckle that attached to the Privacy side panel.

Prices From (Inc. VAT)   £17.50
View Fiamma Awning Tie Down S

Fiamma Kit Awning Hangers

Ideal for hanging light objects such as lights, plants, sunscreens, clothes etc. Also suitable for other awning brands with a 7mm slot. The Fiamma Awning Hangers Kit is composed of 6 hooks to insert into the lead bar profile.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £5.95
View Fiamma Kit Awning Hangers

Fiamma Kit Awning Pegs

Fiamma Kit Awning Pegs is a handy new range of screw pegs, ideal for awnings, awning rooms and carpets. Made of tough plastic UV resistant material. You can screw them in the ground manually by using the unique key, which is standard delivered, or by conveniently connecting them to an electrical drill /screw driver

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £26.99
View Fiamma Kit Awning Pegs

Fiamma Kit Cables Rail

Kit of 2 elegant compact strips, which have been specially designed to hide the supply cables inside and around your awning and motorhome and caravan.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £13.50
View Fiamma Kit Cables Rail

Fiamma Magicrafter Pro

Lateral roof support pole for wind-out awnings which both reinforces the structure and helps shed rain water. MagicRafter Pro fits to Fiamma F45 and F65 awnings as well as other awning brands.

Our Price (Inc. VAT)   £79.96
View Fiamma Magicrafter Pro