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Kampa Seam Sealer Solution - 60ml

Kampa Seam Sealer Solution - 60ml
Kampa Seam Sealer for tents, awning and waterproof clothing
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60ml tube of seam sealant to stop or prevent leaks on tents, awning, tarpualins, rucsacs and waterproof clothing. Apply seam sealant to the inside of seams to prevent leaking through the stitching.

Kampa Seam Sealant can be used on both natural (cotton) and synthetic fabrics including, acrylic, nylon and polyester. Use it to seal and unsealed seam or replace peeling seam tape on tents and awnings. This easy to apply liquid / gel can also be used to stop leaks in awkward spots such as inner tent hanging points where the original seam tape doesn't quite seal.

Once set Kampa Seam Sealant is colourlees, flexible and washable.

Pack includes 60ml tube of seam sealant, applicator brush and nozzle.