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Jamet Jametic Outdoor Jubilee

Jamet Jametic Outdoor Jubilee
Jamet Jametic Jubilee trailer tent The left hand side of the cabin incorporates a seated area Motorhome quality slatted bed on one side for added comfort. Deluxe kitchen unit with running water, tap & double burner with grill. Compact trailer making towing a dream for most cars The Jamet Jametic Jubilee has zip out front and side panels with the convenience of a zip-in groundsheet
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Jamet Jametic Outdoor Jubilee Trailer Tent

The Jamet Jametic Classic Outdoor Jubilee is an anniversary trailer tent specially created in celebration of Jamet's 40-years of trailer tent manufacturing.

The Jubilee is based upon the popular Jametic Classic trailer tent with one or two tricks of its own. The cabin of the Jubilee is uniquely different offering just one kingsize bed instead of two. The second bed has been replaced with a very welcome seating area for socialising, eating and relaxing. However by purchasing the optional 'Bedroom Conversion Kit' you can convert the seating area into a second kingsize bed. Use the seating area during the day then convert the seats into a kingsize bed at night. The versatility of the Jametic Outdoor Jubilee makes it suitable to a wide range of buyers especially those with short-term or long-term changing circumstances. The earthy brown and beige colours are unique to the Jubilee family.

If loads of space is high on your list of priorities then the Jametic Outdoor Jubilee might not be for you. However if you are looking for a trailer tent that's not going to eat into your holiday time, is easy to set-up, manage and stands out in the crowd, please step a little closer. Like the Jametic Classic, the Jubilee is lean and fast and ready to meet the demands of the most energetic of users.

The Jamet Jametic Outdoor Jubilee trailer tent has been designed with ease of use and comfort in-mind. The success of this model is due to the 'all-in-one' cabin and awning that removes the need for any additional poles or canvas sections. With most other trailer tents once the cabin is erected a separate awning has to be zipped onto the cabin and additional awning pole-work set-up. Incredibly this system reduces set-up times by up to one hour. The Jametic Classic can also be set-up easily by one person thanks to the aid of the gas assisted Easy-Lift System. The gas struts make opening the beds safer by controlling the opening and closing motion and by reducing the effort required to lift the beds.

The awning and cabin incorporates plenty of ventilation to keep temperatures down during warm summer days and nights. The front wall incorporates a removable panel and arched roll-back doorway. The right hand panel is also removable. Once the awning is erected the supplied zip-in groundsheet is guaranteed to keep out drafts, moisture and unwanted wildlife.

The kitchen unit is equipped with 3 burners, sink and drainer, tap with running water and drawers. While on-tow the kitchen is mounted at the rear of the trailer and is available to use during roadside stops with minimum fuss and without needing to set-up any other part of the trailer tent.

Jamet Jametic Outdoor Jubilee trailer tent sizes and colours
  • Laden Weight: 650kg
  • Unladen Weight: 356kg
  • Berth: 5
Weight 2.50 kgs