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Hydracell FL-100 Water Powered Torch

Hydracell FL-100 Water Powered Torch
Dip to Recharge for upto 72 hours use
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ECO Friendly water powered torch. Ideal for use off grid or in emergency situations due to long battery life and easy re-charging

A convenient LED torch powered by a replaceable Hydra energy cell. Simply dip the hydracell in water for 10-15 seconds to activate, the light will function while the internal cell is hydrated.


  • Hydracell impregnated with salt for immediate use
  • Lightweight, compact, rugged design
  • 25+ year shelf life if stored correctly
  • Will provide 72+ hours of continuous light before needing dipping into water again for recharge
  • 250+ Hours of operation after initial activation
  • Waterproof & buoyant

The natural minerals and materials in the HydraCell are consumed during the life of the fuel cell. There is no soil contamination (traditional batteries leak chemicals into the earth for decades) and the outer casing is fully recyclable.

Light Type Torch
Recommended Use Awning & Trailer Tent
Tent & Campsite
Power Type Battery
Power Source Water - Hydracell
Rechargeable Yes
Bulb Type LED
Runtime 72 hour per dip in water
Dimensions (cm) (L) 22.5 x 6
Brightness 2 bright, long-life LED lights
Weight 0.50 kgs
Global Trade Item Number 9351683002142
Manufacturers Part Number 841053