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Fiamma F80S 370 Ducato LWB - Deep Black / Grey

Fiamma F80S 370 Ducato LWB - Deep Black / Grey
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Special version of Fiamma F80S awning with Deep Black case and Royal Grey fabric in 370 length and supplied complete with fitting kit to fit to Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper / Relay vans from 2006 onwards. Being roof mounted, the Fiamma F80 is the ideal fit for Campervans with high sliding doors where there isn't room for a wall mounted awning, and also offers a less obtrusive fitting option

The Fiamma F80S replaces Fiamma previous F65S roof mounted awning and boasts a more compact awning case profile giving a neater, less obtrusive fit with crisp lines to match modern vehicles designs. The updates features and improved options including motor kit, triple lead bar channel and light kit compatibility make the F80 a more versatile and customisable awning.


Dual LED Predefined position in lead bar + case: Housings for the addition of the optional LED Strip Awning full-length lighting kit (5m adhesive strip) are made inside the case and the lead bar

Compact section: Case and lead bar are more compact but as strong as ever. The awning has improved aerodynamic performance as a result of having a 20% slimmer cross-section than F65s model

Triple Guide: Three guides on the lead bar (highlighted in red in the detail) for fitting two front panels and other accessories

Secure Lock: The legs can be fixed to the ground or to the wall and the height of the lead bar can be adjusted with a telescopic safe and practical system

Aluminium end caps: New design for the aluminium end caps for maximum strength

Extra-Strong Arms: Wider, reinforced and articulated arms with double steel cable for optimal canopy tensioning


This version of F80S is supplied in the correct length and with a fitting kit to install the awning on Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer family of vans from 2006 onwards with a standard, unmodified roof in LWB (L3) length and semi-high (H2) roof.

If you have a roof rack, roof bars, awning rail, or other accessories installed at the edge of your van roof this may affect whether this awning will fit. So, if in doubt, please email sales@agentfiamma.co.uk BEFORE ORDERING.


DescriptionCase Length
Fabric Length
Awning Extension
Shade AreaWeight
F80S 370370 cm308 cm250 cm9.0 m232 kg

Fiamma F80S - Standard Equipment

  • 1 x Fiamma F80S Awning
  • 1 x Winding handle
  • 1 x Winding handle storage clips
  • 4 x ground pegs
  • Awning Leg wall support kit

Fiamma F80S - Optional Equipment

The Fiamma F80S awning can be customised with a range of accessories including;

  • A choice of rafters and Magicrafter to add structural support
  • Fiamma Tie Down or Tie Down S
  • Fiamma Pegs and Plates kits
  • A range of blocker side panels or complete Privacy Room enclosures (not F80S 290 length
  • LED lighting kits


Click to download Fiamma F80S Fitting Instructions