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Fiamma Carry-Bike Lift 77 E-Bike

Price:  £594.95 (inc. VAT) Usually Dispatched in
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  SKU:  02093D43-
Fiamma Carry-Bike Lift 77 E-Bike.........£594.95

Adjustable bike carrier for motorhome which can be lowered by up to 77cm to make it easier to load and unload bikes. Lift 77 E-Bike is a special version with upgraded bike rails and rail support base in stainless steel to carry heavier electric bikes.

Choose Fiamma Carry-Bike Lift 77 for Hard to Reach Installations.

The Fiamma Carry-Bike Lift 77 is a unique bike carrier and the only one on the market that is fitted with a winch that enables the bikes to be lowered by as much as 77cm.

The Fiamma Carry-Bike Lift 77 E-Bike is ideal for owners of electrics bikes making it easier to load and off-load these heavier cycles. The winch allows the bikes to be dropped to an easily accessible position for safe and easy use.


No accidental unhooking thanks to the Extra-Large safety straps which carry up to 60 Kg. Thanks to its easy-to-operate winch mechanism and crank handle, it lifts and lowers the bicycles conveniently and without effort. It is made of sturdy galvanized aluminium tubes of 35mm diameter with stainless steel screws.

Wall fixing points with vertical wheelbase from 68 to 108cm makes it ideal for installation to many different motorhome models. Can carry 2 electric bikes or heavier push bikes.

Fiamma Bull Shock Absorber system is fitted as standard to Carry Bike Pro for the best and most reliable shock and vibration absorption during travel. It prevents the vibration of the bike carrying tray passing to the vehicle and reduces stress on the motorhome back wall.

Rack Holder secures the bike carrying tray in the upright position when you are not carrying bikes.

Quick Lock is delivered as standard with Quick Safe straps to quickly and safely lock the wheels of the bike on the carrier rail. The Quick Lock strap is easy to release and doesn't involve fiddly straps of ties.

Bike Block Pro arms grip the bike frame securely. They are easy to fit, anti-scratch and secure.


Model Max Load Bikes Standard Max. Bikes Carry-Bike
Carry Bike Lift 77 E-Bike 60 kg 2 Bikes 2 Bikes 16.3 kg

Equipment & Options

Standard Equipment

  • 2 x Rail Premium E-Bike supports
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro S 1 Bike frame holder
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro S D1 Bike frame holder
  • 1 x Security Strip
  • Installation kit


Click to download Fiamma Carry Bike Lift 77 E-Bike Fitting Instructions