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Fabsil Universal Waterproofer - Liquid

Fabsil Universal Waterproofer - Liquid
Fabsil Universal waterproofing spray for tents and awnings
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A highly effective silicon based waterproofer for all kinds of tent, awnings, tarpaulin, trailer cover, canopies and outdoor furniture, supplied in large can for painting or spraying on.

Fabsil Universal Waterproofer is suitable for natural cotton canvas and synthetic materials including nylon, polyester and acrylic.

Can be painted on or applied with spray bottle and dries to an odourless, colourless finish. Fabsil Universal adds UV protection. We recommend reproofing every 2-3 years to extend the life of your tent or awning.

Directions / Instructions

  1. Ensure fabric is clean. Use Fabsil Universal tent Cleaner
  2. Apply with a new paintbrush or applicator spray
  3. Lightly rub in droplets with soft, clean cloth
  4. Allow to dry for 6 hours
 1L can2.5L Can5L can
Lightweight Synthetic
Nylon or Polyester Tent
18 m245 m290 m2
Lightweight Canvas7.5 m218.75 m237.5 m2
Medium Canvas5 m212.5 m225 m2
Silicon based waterproofing Suitable for cotton, canvas, acrylic, nylon and polyester Large size for bigger canvasses UV protection extends canvas life Waterproof tents, awnings, garden furniture, umbrellas etc.