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Coleman F1 Lite - Compact Gas Lantern

Coleman F1 Lite - Compact Gas Lantern
Coleman F1 Lite Gas Trekkers Lantern F1 Lite Compact and lightweight lantern F1 Lite comes with carry case and protective cylinder
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Ultra lightweight and compact Gas Lantern with a steel mesh globe and no glass parts making it a tough and durable lantern.

Ideal for trekkers and climbers where every gram counts weighing only 88g and tough enough to be carried in a backpack.

The Coleman F1 Lantern uses a steel cage instead of a traditional glass globe to make it suitable for more rugged outdoor use than traditional gas camping lanterns.

Generating 80W light output and equipped with a carry chain and hanging point. The Coleman F1 has a large control making it easy to use with cold hands or while wearing gloves.

Uses self-sealing gas cartridges available in a variety of sizes with threaded fitting. Threaded fitting gives easy and safe connection and self-sealing cartridges are safe to carry and disconnect. Different cartridge sizes allow you to select the size depending on required run time and weight.

Coleman F1 Lite Lantern is supplied with textile carry pouch, lightweigth protetive cylinder and mantle.

Personal opinion

Having owned this model for 4-5 years I have never had any problems.  I like that there is no glass globe to break no matter how much it gets thrown around and holes in mantles cannot focus a gas stream on to the glass, one of the most common causes of globe damage. 

Light Type Portable lantern
Recommended Use Outdoor Only
Power Type Gas
Power Source C100, C250 or C500 resealing gas cartridge
Rechargeable No
Bulb Type Mantle
Dimensions (H)100 x (W)50 x (D)50 mm
Brightness 80W
Weight 0.15 kgs
Manufacturers Part Number 69188