Camp-let Jockey Wheel

Camp-let Jockey Wheel
New style Camp-let Jockey Wheel with 35mm stem and integral handle
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New style Camp-let Jockey wheel with 34mm stem to fit to all models and ages of Camp-let trailer tent.

Unlike the old style this Camp-let Jockey Wheel has an integral handle. The Camp-let Jockey wheel has a long enough stem so that the handle can sit above the front storage box without fouling it.

The Camp-let jockey wheel is compatible with all new and old Camp-let models including braked and un-braked versions and those with front storage boxes.

A jockey wheel can be used to wind up the nose of the trailer making it easier to hitch and unhitch if you have a large luggage locker or heavier nose weight.


Fits to all models and ages of Camp-let.

Fits to other trailers with 34mm jockey wheel clamp.