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Backsee Wide Angled Rear Window Lens

Backsee Wide Angled Rear Window Lens
Backsee Wide Angled Rear Window Lens
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Backsee Wide Angled Rear Window Lens



Size: 203mm x 254mm (8"x10")

Material: P.V.C


BACKSEE enables you to actually see many things you cannot see through your inside rear mirror or side mirror. You may compare the difference of view with and without BACKSEE. You will find it very protective for avoiding your possible accidents in your blind spot.


Apply BACKSEE to the inside of rear window close to the bottom edge. For safer backing, curb side is recommended. For mounting make sure the window is clean, then wet thoroughly with water. Apply smooth side of BACKSEE against inside of window. Fold upper half down over the lower half then roll up, pressing water to top. Do the same thing downwards for lower half. This will remove airt bubbles. BACKSEE will become crystal clear in 24 hours, and will stay on until peeled off. BACKSEE can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water.


Lower view can be seen by applying BACKSEE to the inside of an office window in a high building. BACKSEE can be cut by scissors into smaller pieces for small window application. You may apply BACKSEE for other purposes depending on you idea.